rip1 [rip]
ripped, ripping [LME rippen, prob. < or akin to Fl, to tear < IE * reub-: see RUB]
a) to cut or tear apart roughly or vigorously
b) to remove by or as by so cutting or tearing: with off, out, away, etc.
c) to make (a hole) in this way
d) to slash with a sharp instrument
e) to cut, tear, etc. (stitches) so as to open (a seam, hem, etc.)
2. to saw (wood) along the grain
1. to become torn or split apart
2. Informal to move with speed or violence
1. a torn place or burst seam; tear; split
2. the act of ripping
☆ let her rip
Slang to go ahead; continue without restraint
rip into
Informal to attack violently or sharply, often with words
rip off Slang
1. to steal or rob
2. to cheat, exploit, or take advantage of
☆ rip on
Informal to criticize harshly
☆ rip2 [rip ]
[< ? RIP1]
an extent of rough, broken water caused as by the meeting of cross currents or tides or the interaction of currents and wind
rip3 [rip]
[var. of rep, prob. abbrev. of REPROBATE] Informal
1. a dissolute, dissipated person
2. an old, worthless horse
3. a worthless thing

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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